Mark Edward Wilows, Contributor

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Radio, TV, print and internet, Mark Edward Wilows does it all!

Soapdom Crown LogoWhen Mark Edward Wilows talks, people listen. Wilows is a man who never liked high school, but one day decided to give college a try and has earned his college degree in Interpersonal Communications from Governors State University in University Park, IL.

Always being fascinated by the entertainment business, Wilows decided to give a try at a business where jobs are few and far between. However, to make the story short, he not only worked in Hollywood on two NBC soap operas, shot a national commercial, hosted his own radio talk show, worked as a reporter with Danny Bonaduce in Chicago, he has likewise interviewed many television personalities such as Jay Leno and Kelly Ripa.

Wilows convinced a general manager of a local PBS station in Indiana to give him a shot at a show. Wilows hosted "Limelight," which he wrote, produced, and hosted such names as Ann Jillian, Loretta Swit, Cloris Leachman, and Tom Dressen.

Afterwards, Wilows was chosen as a feature reporter for FOX-TV in Chicago, where he hosted a nightly segment. He then moved to WMAQ-TV (NBC) in Chicago, where he reported on the soap operas for two morning shows. 

Wilows highlight came in 1990, when in Chicago, he met the late great Bill Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, co-creators of Young and Restless and Bold and Beautiful. Growing up in Chicago, he always watched Lee Phillip with her daily show, and never in his wildest dreams, did he ever think he would know her. A woman he admired as a kid. Today they remain friends.

Not many people in the entertainment business can say they worked all facets of the medium, but Mark Edward Wilows can. Not to mention all the famous celebrities he met and interviewed, including Oprah Winfrey before she was famous.

In 1998, Wilows was an Entertainment Reporter heard three times a week on the ABC Radio Network.   Never being shy, Wilows has a gift for gab, and can capture an audience with his wit, style, and gift for connecting with people.

 But most of all, Wilows tells how a dream can come true and NEVER let anyone stop you. Speaking of dreams, Wilows loves working as a correspondent for Soapdom, and having the chance to interview some of daytime’s biggest stars. Wilows is currently negotiating a deal for an Internet radio show called “You’re On the Mark with Mark.”