Claudine, Writer/Photographer

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A self-proclaimed ABC girl who got hooked on daytime thanks to Grandma

Slower than a slug on tranquilizers!
More prolific than Dickens in syndication!
Able to attend big functions at a moment’s notice!
LOOK! Only at Soapdom!
It’s a dork! It’s a pain! It’s … Claudine?
Yes, it’s Claudine, strange contributor from another website who came to Soapdom
With photos and articles for inquisitive soap fans!
Claudine! Who can change the mind of - no one, bend the truth (when it suits her);
And who, disguised as … Claudine?
Writer/Illustrator and Sales Manager for a small Gift Book Publisher,
Fights a never-ending battle for comp time, health benefits, and the American Way!

Claudine was always the strange child in class and still is. An avid reader, world traveler, published author and illustrator, she got hooked on daytime thanks to her grandmother (a Ryan’s Hope addict) and her sister (brat!) while she was a Freshman on full scholarship at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY.

After being introduced to All My Children and Loving, Claudine became what she wryly calls an ABC girl and started watching One Life to Live. During this time she arranged her class schedule around AMC, and became the Tad & Dixie fan many of you know. (See:

Once she completed her B.A. with a double major in English Literature and Communication Arts (Advertising) and a minor in History, did she come up for air? Oh no, she went on to attend Fordham University Grad School on full scholarship to receive her M.A. in Medieval Studies with a concentration in English Lit. Oddly enough, this degree would one day be useful. Imagine that.

Ever the practical one, she quit her job as a shop girl in Bronxville to tour Europe for a month after graduation with her friend Jen (an NBC girl, who briefly got her to watch Another World). Once recovered from that one, she had a brief tour of duty as a

cruise broker in Manhattan before she had a total “commuter” meltdown and decided to find work closer to home. The desire to be lazy and work close to home lead to her current position as Sales Manager for Peter Pauper Press, Inc., a small gift book publisher out of White Plains, NY. Ironically, they sent her on the road for trade shows, where she picked up a penchant for calluses, sore feet, making friends, having fun, and writing odd bios while talking in the third person. At Peter Pauper, she’s written several gift books, including two on Celtic legends (see aforementioned usefulness of weird degree) and has illustrated, as well as written, one children’s activity book.

Her biggest soap-related thrill was being thanked by Cady McClain (Dixie, AMC) during her acceptance speech during the 1998 SOD Awards where Cady won “Best Return.” Her distinctive laugh can be heard at many soap events and she enjoys pinch hitting for Soapdom when the call arrives.