Wednesday, July 7, 1999

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Ethan arrives at the carnival on the Harmony pier, having been convinced by Gwen to get to know the people of Harmony. Theresa accidentally spills a can of paint on Ethan’s head. She argues with him about getting paint on her new sweater, completely unaware that this is the man she loves. Ethan thinks she’s crazy. Later, Theresa learns Luis almost arrested Ethan and is upset to discover Ethan was with Gwen on the beach. Luis also breaks the news that he got Theresa a summer job at the Burger Hut.

Across town, Grace hears the little girl call to her again. She screams when her husband, Sam, touches her shoulder. Sam looks around but doesn’t find anyone. Tabitha watches from the window and then comes face to face with the little girl. Grace and Sam’s daughter, Kay, worries that her little sister, Jessica, will tell Miguel about her crush on him.

In Paris, Sheridan fears entering the tunnel where Princess Diana died. Her car crashes in the tunnel as the paparazzi chase her. The ambulance arrives before they can take pictures and she’s rushed to the hospital, where she hears Princess Diana calling to her. Back in Harmony, Ethan is devastated when he receives a call about his Aunt Sheridan’s accident.