Wednesday, July 14, 1999

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Faith’s door opens and it’s her sixteen year old daughter, Charity. She asks her mother why they’re always moving from town to town. Charity wishes she could go to school and have friends like normal kids. Faith reveals she has a sister named Grace—Charity’s aunt. Charity tries to persuade her mom to go public with her search for her sister, but Faith mysteriously says she can’t. Finally, Charity convinces her to go to the carnival in Harmony.

Speaking of the carnival, dressed as a fortune teller, Tabitha tells Theresa that Ethan is in bed with another woman. The girls are horrified when Tabitha says if Whitney continues to pursue her tennis dream, her father will commit murder. Whitney runs out and Theresa follows her. TC finds out the fortune teller upset Whitney (but not what she said) and angrily goes off to confront her.

Later, Theresa is devastated when she sees Gwen in Ethan’s arms at the carnival. In the meantime, Timmy is dragged off by Rosie, the little girl who won him as a prize. He shoves her ice cream cone in her face and then “frames” her for knocking over ceramic animals. Rosie tells Timmy he doesn’t like him; Timmy responds by kicking her and saying he doesn’t like her either. Terrified, Rosie kicks him off the pier into the water but Timmy manages to escape.

Back in Paris, after Sheridan accepts his proposal, Jean Luc tells the carriage driver to hurry—he has another surprise for Sheridan. Mimi calls after them, trying to stop them, but Jean Luc ignores her. Jean Luc surprises Sheridan with a gown—they are going to a ball to celebrate their engagement. Sheridan calls Ethan and Gwen and tells them the good news. Meanwhile, a furious Mimi figures out he’s taking Sheridan to the ball.