Tuesday, July 6, 1999

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Luis tries to arrest Ethan and Gwen for starting a fire on the beach, but Sam tells him to let them go, much to Luis’s dismay. Luis thinks the Cranes can get away with murder, just because of their powerful name. In the meantime, Gwen and Ethan share a romantic goodbye before she leaves for Paris, where she promises to visit Ethan’s beloved aunt, Sheridan.

Across town, Theresa reiterates to Whitney that she will marry Ethan. While at the same time, Grace faints after “seeing” the little girl. Eve goes outside to look for the little girl, but only finds Tabitha, the Bennett’s eccentric next-door neighbor. Tabitha privately says that the little girl is going to have a big impact on her family and that they should beware. Later, Tabitha comes face to face with the little girl, who tells her she will not get “their souls” this time. An evil Tabitha cackles that their souls will be hers. Are the Bennetts in danger?

Meantime, Kay Bennett reveals to her friend Simone Russell that she has a crush on Miguel. Kay’s little sister Jessica overhears. Will she spill the beans? Later, in Paris, Sheridan is sad when she sees a book about her friend Princess Diana. When she gets in her car, she realizes the paparazzi are following her. She speeds to get away from them.