Tuesday, July 13, 1999

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After hearing Theresa call him by name, Ethan is convinced she’s a stalker who’s been spilling things on him on purpose. He storms out of the Burger Hut leaving Theresa devastated. After getting fired, Theresa throws down her visor in the kitchen, inadvertently causing a fire! She is horrified when she realizes what happened, and even more horrified when Luis tells her she’s going to have to work at the Cannery now.

In the meantime, Kay tells Simone she plans to lose her virginity to Miguel…soon. Speaking of love affairs, Sheridan, deliriously happy and in love with Jean Luc, calls Ethan and encourages him to propose to Gwen. Meanwhile, Mimi confronts Jean Luc—he lied about Sheridan being ugly. Jean Luc reassures her he’s using Sheridan for her money. Later, Jean Luc takes Sheridan on a carriage ride, as Mimi follows them. Sheridan happily accepts Jean Luc’s marriage proposal. Mimi vows revenge.

Gwen returns home from Paris and confides to Ethan she was afraid he’d fall in love with someone else while she was gone. He assures her of his love.

While across town, and much to his chagrin, Timmy becomes a prize at the carnival and is won by a little girl named Rosie. Meanwhile, Tabitha dresses up as a fortune teller at the carnival and Theresa and Whitney enter her booth. Faith sees Sam’s message on the internet that he’s looking for information on a woman named Grace who was rescued from a fire twenty years ago. She replies under the name “Seeker.” After Sam coaxes “Seeker” for more information, Grace gets scared and turns off the computer—it could be one of “them.” Later, she’s about to sign on again when the room gets cold and she sees the doorknob turning...