Thursday, July 8, 1999

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Grace goes up to bed after taking a sleeping pill. While sleeping she levitates to the window and floats down to the little girl, who warns her of the evil around them. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells the doll she’s sewing that “it’s beginning” and then tries to eavesdrop on Grace and the little girl.

After catching Theresa fantasizing about Ethan, Luis reveals he once dreamed of going to college. Despite their moment of closeness, the underlying tension between them about the Cranes does not go away.

Speaking of Ethan, he is worried and calls Gwen, who is at the hospital, for an update on Sheridan. He tells his parents, Ivy and Julian, about the accident but Julian is only worried about how this will affect the family image. Ethan is annoyed at his father’s cold attitude. Meanwhile, Sheridan remains unconscious and reaches out toward the light, where she believes Princess Diana is. Diana tells her to “go back” to living. At the same time, Sheridan’s boyfriend Jean-Luc, calls another woman, Mimi, and tells her he will be able to spend all night with her.