Passions Final Episode Recap, Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Passions comes to a close today after nine years on the air.  Soapdom was there from the begining, and we are sad to see the soap go.  We will miss you, Passions.

Lindsay Hartley, Eric Martsolf (Theresa, Ethan, Passions)DTV #156----Passions Final Episode

The nine year window into the lives of our beloved characters in Harmony is closing as we see decisions being made and events occuring that will change their lives forever.

Kay magically delivers Father Lonigan to the church, where he is implored to baptise Tabitha in order to save Harmony from certain doom. Lonigan shocks the crowd when he adamently refuses!

Theresa begs Ethan to leave Gwen and be with her. Ethan loves Theresa with all his heart but he can’t betray the vows he took. But just then, Little Ethan fixes the camcorder and Gwen and Rebecca’s voices are heard from the TV monitor, admitting every dastardly deed they’ve committed over the last nine years. The group stares at the two women, amazed at what they’ve just heard. Gwen and Rebecca scramble to explain all they’ve confessed to as a breathless Theresa waits, praying that this has changed everything...

***PLEASE NOTE: Passions will conclude its run on DIRECTV August 7, 2008. DIRECTV’s The 101 Network will re-broadcast the last four episodes in a marathon on Friday 8/8/08. Thank you for your continued support of the show.

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