Passions Episode Recaps, Monday, February 11, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #78----Ethan and Theresa fight off the attacking sharks. At the same time, Rebecca urges Gwen to kill Pilar. While on the other side of Harmony, Sam and Ivy make passionate love. But as if that weren't enough...

Ethan and Theresa are finally reunited in the ocean water but are far from safe as Ethan fights valiantly to save them from circling sharks. Luis and Miguel also battle off sharks as they search for their sister while Gwen guards the captured Juanita. Gwen fills in Rebecca over the phone and is stunned when Rebecca suggests Gwen kill Pilar so their secrets are kept.

Sam, Esme and Julian work on their plan to trap the killer. While Julian and Esme work on the physical part of their plan, Sam thinks he sees someone lurking about. Sam catches the person who turns out to be Ivy, with some ideas of her own.

Kay makes some tea to help her sleep when suddenly Tabitha’s kitchen erupts in chaos as the Demon Elf has returned to torment her. Tabitha wants to use magic to send the little imp away but Kay protests. They promised, no more magic!

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