Passions Episode Recap, Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #116----Juanita is in pursuit of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Shortly thereafter, Theresa is almost caught by Ethan and Gwen. Then, it's an OMG moment as Vincent is in labor! To get a tad more specific...

Julian is stunned as he sees Vincent on the Russell kitchen table about to give birth! Eve finally explains to Julian the whole story about Vincent and Valerie.

Luis and Fancy have just finished their romantic interlude on the Crane jet when they are suddenly tossed about the cabin. Thinking it’s just bad turbulence they are horrified to discover the pilot slouched over in the cockpit, completely unconscious!

Juanita has escaped from prison but is angry and frustrated that she can’t find Pilar and get her revenge. Pilar gets the news that Juanita is on the loose and rushes to stop Theresa from telling Ethan the truth before it’s too late.

Ethan and Gwen have discovered Gertrude in the bathroom of the romantically decorated bedroom. Gwen demands to know why Gertrude is trying to seduce Gwen’s husband!

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