Passions Episode Recap, Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #74----Ethan discovers Theresa and Pilar are in grave danger! Shortly thereafter, Viki stabs Rebecca. Then, in an interesting turn of events, Tabitha offers to save Theresa and Pilar with magic. For a tad more detail...

Theresa and Pilar have escaped Juanita’s compound and run for their lives. Juanita is furious, demanding her goons find the women right away, dead or alive, as the two find their way to the wharf, looking for some way to escape! Meanwhile, Ethan gets a mysterious call from Mexico telling him that Theresa and Pilar are there and in grave danger.

Gwen and Rebecca are shocked to learn Theresa is in Mexico and try to stop Ethan from going to rescue them, fearing he will learn their secret -- that they have been blackmailing Theresa and Pilar.

It looks like Viki has stabbed Ethan but it turns out she actually gave Rebecca a minor wound. Viki races upstairs, vowing to take care of Ethan as soon as she gets her chance. Julian, Sam and Ethan search the mansion for the attacker and find a trail of blood leading right to Viki’s bedroom.

Tabitha relieves her stress with a chocolate binge as Miguel continues his magic ban. Noah pleads his innocence to a disbelieving Luis and Paloma, nothing is going on between him and Fancy!

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