Passions Episode Recap, Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Lindsay Hartley (Theresa, Passions)DTV #71----Theresa tries to get through to Juanita. At the same time, Gwen and Sheridan agree to do what it takes to win the men they love. Meanwhile, Endora worries that Tabitha will get rid of Miguel. But hang on! That's just the beginning...

Sheridan forbids Fancy from ever being near Marty after she screams at him. Though Luis acknowledges Fancy’s strange behavior, he doesn’t want to exclude her from his life.

As Kay, Miguel, Noah and Paloma plan their double wedding, they bicker over every detail, from the music to the food. With the house to herself, Tabitha searches for Miguel’s letter, outing her as a witch, unaware that’s closer then she ever imagined.

Theresa pleads with Juanita to have mercy on her family, saying they’ve suffered enough. As Theresa tells Juanita the struggles she’s faced, the two women become closer.

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