Passions Episode Recap, Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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{mosimage}DTV #058----Ethan defends Theresa to Ivy and Sam. At the same time, Luis enjoys his Christmas miracle. Meanwhile, Tabitha gets a warning from the dark side. To be a little more specific...

A tentative Theresa goes to see Ethan and the baby, happy to hear Jonathan is okay. Ethan is distant, wondering where Theresa has been when they needed her. Unable to admit she was with a recovering Little Ethan, she can only say she had things to do and Ethan wonders what could be more important than him and his ill son. Theresa tells Pilar she feels trapped, fearing her dishonesty will cost her the man she loves.

Luis is thrilled to learn Marty is finally home. Fancy makes it clear to Pretty that she and Luis are back together and that Pretty needs to give up on her fantasy of ever being with Luis. Pretty taunts Fancy with the bond that Luis and Sheridan share and stuns her sister with the news about Marty. Fancy is hurt that Luis never told her about their search for his son and can’t help but notice the closeness of Luis and Sheridan with their son. Marty is frightened when he meets Pretty and sees her scar.

Kay surprises Pilar, Sam and Ivy with Miguel’s return and covers when he has difficulty answering the question of where he’s been. Kay points out to Tabitha that Timmy was right – doing good worked and it brought Endora and Miguel home again. Tabitha has to agree but later is stunned when she gets a message from Dark Side. She had better stay away from the Good Side or evil will take Endora from her again – this time forever. Kay and Miguel enjoy being together again and make plans for their future with their daughter.

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