Passions Episode Recap, Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Lindsay Hartley (Theresa, Passions)DTV #104----Theresa sabotages Gwen’s plans for a romantic night with Ethan. Shortly thereafter, Eve runs tests on an ill Pretty. In the meantime, Noah worries about Roberto living next door to Paloma. Hang on, there's more...

Noah talks to Sam about Roberto being back in town and Sam encourages his son to fight for the woman he loves. Roberto has plans for he and Paloma and when Noah catches the two of them in a compromising position, we see that the duel is now on...

Luis and Fancy bring an unconscious Pretty to the ER after she fainted in front of them. Pretty plays up her fears but it’s obvious she’s not as sick as she appears...

Rebecca is horrified to see what Eve did to Julian in the operating room. A dubious Eve is shocked into reality when she sees the results of her handiwork for herself.

Little Ethan clings to Theresa, thrilled that his mother is alive and back home but Theresa makes him promise that he must keep her secret for now. Meanwhile, Ethan can’t help but feel that there is something familiar about the new nanny. Gwen is sure her plan to lure Ethan back to her will work but we see Theresa has plans of her own.

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