Passions Episode Recap, Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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DTV #148----An unexpected wedding guest causes Sheridan to faint.

Sam’s video camera catches Gwen and Rebecca confessing. Meantime, Tabitha performs Norman and Mrs. Wallace’s wedding. As if that weren't enough...

Gwen, fearing Juanita’s arrival, tells Rebecca they need to get out of town as soon as the wedding is over. They go on to talk about all the rotten things they’ve done over the years, not knowing Sam has left his video camera in the room... and it’s recording!

Fancy panics that Sheridan is up to something as Luis is nowhere to be found. Gertrude and Pilar search for Luis and have a close encounter with Juanita, who wonders who the homely woman with Pilar is and why does she seem familiar?

A mystery stranger, with some connection to Harmony, lurks the church corridors.

Theresa doesn’t know if she can stay and watch Ethan recommit to Gwen. It’s just too painful. Pilar urges her daughter to leave, as Juanita impatiently waits with her bomb, counting the hours until her ultimate revenge on Pilar.

Sheridan tries one more desperate time to win Luis back with a sensuous last Tango. Luis tells Sheridan that while he will always care for her, he loves Fancy and it’s time for Sheridan to move on.

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