Passions Episode Recap, Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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DTV #145----Gwen plans to kill Theresa. Meantime, Pilar is fearful of a bad omen. Plus, now Tabitha is depressed. But wait, there's more...

With everyone restored back to health, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds have a big family breakfast before the wedding. Pilar still feels uneasy though and begs the boys to leave for the trip right after the wedding and they agree.

On the other side of town, Kay learns of Tabitha’s sacrifice and is so proud of her. She begs Tabitha to come to her wedding now that she’s not a witch, but Tabitha refuses because she has a feeling that something horrible is going to happen at those weddings.

Meanwhile, Gwen, anxious to be with Ethan forever, confronts the sleeping Gertrude and tells her she knows her secret and threatens to call Juanita if Theresa ever comes close to Ethan again.

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