Passions Episode Recap, Tuesday, January 8, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #64----Gwen tells Ethan that they are still married. In the meantime, Theresa departs on a mission to save her family. Shortly thereafter, Esme and Julian talk about being together. To get a tad more specific...

Despite Pilar’s insistence not to, Theresa makes plans to go to Mexico to seek out Juanita and try to end the threat to her family so she can be with Ethan. Little Ethan asks if he can tell Ethan that he is Little Ethan’s real father but Theresa tells him not yet.... he has to keep it a secret just like the trip she is going on. Just then, Pilar enters, keep what a secret?

Ethan receives his and Theresa’s marriage certificate in the mail and tears it up because it’s invalid as Alistair is alive and they are still married. Gwen surprises Ethan with her own news – due to a paperwork issue, she and Ethan are still married! Ethan is silent as Gwen asks if he wants to go ahead and have their divorce finalized.

Esme wonders why Alistair hasn’t revealed the name of the person that attacked him. Esme decides on the next man she wishes to pursue. Has she also chosen the killer’s next victim?

Following Vincent’s instructions, Eve tells Julian they’re over and he must stay away from her. Vincent tells Eve he will have other requests of his mother and she had better comply, or Vincent will unleash another swath of horror on Harmony.

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