Passions Episode Recap, Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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{mosimage}DTV #046----Theresa decides to have Little Ethan tested without telling Ethan. Meantime, Luis and Pretty continue to bond. Later, Julian checks Eve into rehab. But hang on. There's more...

As Ethan prays for his son, Theresa and Pilar struggle to understand how Gwen could knowingly put baby Jonathan’s life in such jeopardy. Theresa searches for any way she can help save Ethan’s son but Pilar reminds her daughter that if Theresa goes against Gwen’s wishes, Pilar’s whole family will be killed.

As Noah tries to convince Paloma that nothing is going on with him and Fancy, they search for clues on the whereabouts of Luis, Miguel and Endora. They try their luck at Tabitha’s house and discover a book of magic spells. Could this be what was used on Noah and Fancy? Paloma thinks there’s one way to find out....

Still trapped in the warehouse basement, a hesitant Luis is slowly drawn in by Pretty’s advances. Luis is affected when he learns that Pretty is a virgin and is furious with Alistair for putting Pretty in such a situation. Pretty sobs to Luis of her desire for romance and how she feels too ugly for any man to love, while Luis tells her how much he admires her and assures her of her beauty. As the two prisoners bond, and with the help of an inadvertent magic spell cast by Noah and Paloma, Pretty and Luis start to make love.

Fancy opens up to Esme, tells her about finding herself in bed with Noah and not knowing how she got in there. Esme as empathetic as she can be, reminds Fancy that at least someone isn’t killing Fancy’s boyfriends. Fancy can’t locate and Luis or her Aunt Sheridan and worries that they may be together.

Julian checks Eve into rehab, hoping to dry her out so she can take back control of her life. But we see the danger to Eve as Vincent hovers in the background, laughing to himself over what he has planned for his poor mother...

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