Passions Episode Recap, Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #112----Juanita is arrested. Shortly thereafter, Luis and Fancy have a romantic date. Meawnwhile, Esme recruits extra help to tend to Julian. As that was not enough...

Julian has recovered after Esme’s attempt at seduction almost killed him, but Viki vows to finish the job. Esme works to keep Julian un-aroused but finds she isn’t very good at it.

Luis gets Fancy alone to reassure her that he loves her, despite the situation with Pretty. Sheridan and Pretty listen from outside and conspire to break Luis and Fancy up.

Pilar is thrilled beyond belief that Theresa is alive and well, but Theresa reminds her that she must stay disguised as Gertrude to keep the family safe from Juanita. In Mexico, Juanita is chased by the police.

Gwen tries to seduce Ethan into sticking with the plan to send Little Ethan away to boarding school. Theresa and Pilar know Gwen is up to no good and decide she must be stopped.

Tabitha hears of odd things occurring in Harmony and knows these are the precursor to the major evil headed their way...

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