Passions Episode Recap, Thursday, November 29, 2007

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{mosimage}DTV #044----Luis comforts an emotional Pretty. Shortly thereafter, a wounded Spike believes that Sheridan was behind his attack. While on the other side of Harmony, Valerie threatens Eve’s children to keep her quiet. But that's not all...

Tension mounts at the hospital as Gwen learns that Jane has an ear infection and cannot be Jonathan’s liver donor. Ethan and Gwen desperately search their family trees to find a donor, Theresa all the while stunned that Gwen hasn’t said anything to Ethan about Little Ethan. Theresa confronts Gwen over the truth while Gwen seems to be losing grip on reality. Ethan enters alarmed by the yelling and to Gwen’s shock, Theresa tells Ethan that they need to test Little Ethan’s compatibility right now!

The fate of Luis and Fancy’s relationship hangs in the balance as a groggy Luis continues to believe he is making love to Fancy while it is actually Pretty he is with. A thrilled Alistair watches, sure that his plan is coming to fruition. Luis, however, soon comes out of his haze and pulls away, shocked at what he is doing. Pretty does all she can to get Luis back into her arms, playing at his supposed guilt and revulsion. Luis again tries to find a way out of their prison as Pretty reminds there is only one way out... he must get her pregnant!

An increasingly worried Sheridan continues to search for Luis. On the wharf, she runs into a wounded Spike, still recovering from being stabbed by Esme’s mysterious stalker. Sheridan asks Spike to help her search for Luis, in return for a large reward, and Spike agrees.

An anguished Eve is shocked when Valerie brings Julian to the house and breaks the “wonderful” news to him that she is pregnant. Eve is shaken, wants Valerie to be honest with Julian and tell him that she and Vincent are one and the same. Valerie starts to lose hold of herself and Vincent’s voice slips out just as Julian enters the room.... was that Vincent Julian just heard?!

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