Passions Episode Recap, Thursday, January 3, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #062----Theresa is forced to lie to Ethan. Later, Miguel makes Kay promise not to do witchcraft. Then, hang on to your remotes. The latest serial killer’s identity is revealed! But wait! That's not all...

Theresa fights to keep any chance of being with Ethan alive as he demands to know who is in the cabin bedroom. Theresa and Gwen both know he can’t see Little Ethan in there recuperating or he will find out the truth and Pilar’s family will be doomed. Gwen hints to Ethan that Theresa has a lover hidden away and Theresa is forced to tell him that Gwen is right.

Sam arrives at the mansion to arrest Alistair for Chad’s murder and instead finds the old man with a knife in his back. Esme and Sam both wonder why Alistair is keeping his attacker’s name a secret.

Kay and Miguel spend a romantic evening together but Miguel worries Kay with his reaction to her being a witch. Kay stresses that she is a good witch but Miguel still is wary about witchcraft as a whole and tells her if they are to be together than can be no magic whatsoever!

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