Passions Episode Recap, Thursday, December 6, 2007

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{mosimage}DTV #048----Pilar’s sister is murdered! Meanwhile, Pretty fantasizes about a future with Luis. Later, Tabitha plots to stir up trouble at the Harmony Christmas celebration. To get a little more specific...

Theresa is in an impossible position, as she knows she can save Jonathan’s life, but because of Gwen’s threat against her family, Theresa is unable to come forward. After much agonizing, Theresa tells Pilar she needs to find a way to let Little Ethan be Jonathan’s donor – without Ethan and Gwen ever knowing who the donor is. Ethan overhears, asking what she meant about finding a match. Theresa is forced to cover with an excuse about earrings and Ethan is hurt and outraged that she cares about something so trivial when his son is so sick. Theresa desperately wishes she could clear up this misunderstanding – but she can’t...

In Mexico, Pilar’s sworn enemy, Juanita, gets some kind of word on Pilar that she finds very encouraging, while back in Harmony, a delusional Gwen is sure Jonathan will be fine without a transplant. She can’t risk having Little Ethan tested and Ethan finding out the truth they’ve been keeping from him and losing him to Theresa.

Luis and Pretty continue to make love to earn their freedom from Alistair. Fancy watches on her PDA, heartbroken at what she believes is Luis’ betrayal. She turns off the PDA just as Luis tells Pretty how sorry he is that her first time making love isn’t with someone who loves her, that his heart belongs to Fancy.

Down at the wharf, Tabitha is irritated by the idea of Christmas - she hates the holiday and misses Timmy and Endora. She remembers past Christmases of Norma coming to kill her and the crazy antics that always followed. She’s relieved at least she won’t have to deal with that this year but is soon surprised when she stumbles on Norma and Edna at their new jobs as Santa and his Elf. Tabitha’s mood turns as she sees this as a good opportunity to stir up some evil.

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