Passions Episode Recap, Monday, July 28, 2008

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DTV #150----Juanita realizes “Gertrude’s” true identity. At the same time, Gwen begins her walk down the aisle. While on the other side of Harmony, Endora saves Tabitha. But wait! We've got more detail...

An epic battle of good versus evil rages between Endora and the Demon Elf. Tabitha is distraught that she has no power to help her daughter.

At the same time, a long lost Antonio reunites with his family, telling of how he was kept captive by Alistair all these years. He’s come back to claim the woman he loves - Sheridan Meanwhile, a nervous Gwen waits for her turn at the altar to recommit to Ethan, eager to have him to herself and away from Theresa once and for all. Rebecca discovers Sam’s video camera and realizes it recorded all the secrets she and Gwen earlier discussed. Rebecca gasps as Sam returns and asks for his camera back.

Meanwhile, Theresa has fled the church to the wharf café and is astonished to see that Ethan has found her there. A disguised Juanita watches a disguised Theresa, certain she knows the girl from somewhere.

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