Passions Episode Recap, Monday, July 21, 2008

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DTV #147----Kay and Miguel are married! At the same time, Sheridan asks Luis for a favor before he says his vows. Speaking of weddings, Theresa fantasizes about marrying Ethan. But wait! That's just the tip of the iceburg. We've got a bunch more detail...

Luis chases Sheridan after he remembers the text message he got from her asking him not to marry Fancy. When he catches up to her, she confesses that she knew about the poisoned food.

Norma and Edna prepare for their upcoming nuptials and teen Endora wants nothing more than to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.

Tabitha keeps reminding everyone that disaster is coming to Harmony and they need to get out of town as soon as possible. Tabby then starts to worry when she can’t find Endora.

Gertrude watches Kay and Miguel get married and worries that she will never find love again. Ethan comforts her and Theresa begins to cry as she realized that her life is over and she has lost Ethan.

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