Passions Episode Recap, Monday, January 28, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #72----Juanita traps Theresa and Pilar. At the same time, Luis is deeply affected by Pretty’s selflessness. While on the other side of Harmony, Paloma and Noah come close to seeing Endora’s magic. But if that wasn't enough...

Pilar arrives at Juanita’s, the two women face to face after all these years. Theresa watches as the two women revisit the awful events of so long ago. Pilar reminds Juanita of her promise to let Theresa go in exchange for Pilar, but Juanita reneges on the deal - she is going to kill Theresa right now!

Pretty continues her plot to destroy Luis and Fancy. At the Book Café, she uses the handheld to make Fancy lash out at Luis and verbally attack an “arriving” Pretty. Luis can’t believe the way Fancy is acting. Does he even know her anymore?

Tabitha continues searching for Miguel’s letter but Endora decides to help Miguel and keep its location secret. Plans for the double wedding continue but Noah, Paloma, Kay and Miguel find that getting four people to agree on anything is a challenge. When the church isn’t available on the only date they can all make, Endora uses a bit of magic to save the day!

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