Passions Episode Recap, Monday, April 21, 2008

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{mosimage}DTV #108----Esme, Sam and Ivy think someone is trying again to kill Julian when they hear screaming from his hospital room, but when they barge in they find he is reacting to his injury. Viki is thwarted in her attempt to finish off Julian but vows to not rest until she kills him and keeps Aunt Esme to herself. Julian is stunned and furious when he finds out Eve is the one responsible for his condition.

Pilar and Paloma think they heard Theresa’s voice coming from Gertrude’s bedroom, but despite being caught in mid-disguise, Theresa covers and fools her family. The three women get to know each other, talking about the importance of family. Gertrude is sure Mr. Crane will always do well by Little Ethan.

Gwen is thrilled that Ethan has agreed, albeit reluctantly, to send Little Ethan away to boarding school. Gwen shocks Ethan by saying she intends to ship the boy off immediately! Ethan wants to know, is Gwen trying to get rid Theresa’s son?

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