Monday, July 5, 1999

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Liza Huber (Gwen), Eric Martsolf (Ethan), Lindsay Hartley (Theresa) -- Passions never-ending love trinagle!Welcome to the quaint New England community of Harmony. It’s a beautiful day as brothers, Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, drive through the coastal town. It is the epitome of picturesque.  After dropping Miguel off at the docks, Luis, a cop, finds a couple in the throes of passion who have set an illegal fire on the beach. He is angered to learn that it is Ethan Crane, a member of the powerful Crane family, and his long-time girlfriend, Gwen Hotchkiss. Luis has hated the Crane family since his father disappeared years ago, after leaving to go to work at Crane Industries. Luis also resents that his mother, Pilar, has been their maid for years.

In the meantime, Luis and Miguel’s teenage sister, Theresa, fantasizes about the future she believes she will have with Ethan. She has never actually met Ethan, but she has dreamed about him for as long as she can remember. Theresa tells her best friend Whitney Russell that one day she will marry Ethan. What will Luis do when he finds out about his sister’s secret love for a man he hates? Speaking of dreams coming true, Whitney has her own dream of becoming a successful tennis player—a dream that is encouraged by her father, TC.

While on the other side of town, Sam Bennett gets ready for his first day as Harmony’s chief of police while his wife, Grace, dreams about a little girl who warns her that danger is near. Sam confesses to Grace’s best friend, Eve Russell, that he is concerned about Grace.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Sheridan Crane, Ethan’s aunt, is distraught as she thinks about how her good friend, Princess Diana, lost her life right after finding true love. Sheridan believes that because she and Diana were so similar, she will die now that she’s found love. A stalker watches her. Is Sheridan in danger?