Monday, July 12, 1999

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Theresa reluctantly decides to take the job at the Burger Hut which Luis arranged for her. Ethan shows up at the Burger Hut and recognizes her as the girl who spilled paint on him. She tries to explain but winds up spilling milkshakes, and then barbeque sauce, on him.

In Paris, Sheridan leaves the hospital, against doctor’s orders that she stay longer. She and Gwen have a heart to heart about true love. They make a bet about who will get engaged first. Jean Luc arrives to meet Sheridan at “their café” as his other girlfriend, Mimi, watches from a distance. Mimi is angered to see that Sheridan is beautiful, since Jean Luc had sworn she was unattractive and assured Mimi he was just using her for her money.

Back in Harmony, Tabitha arrives at the Bennett home with a present—Timmy! Tabitha is horrified when Grace suggests they use the doll as a prize at the carnival, but she has no choice but to agree.

Across town at the police station, Sam and Luis discuss their distrust of the Cranes. Sam goes on the internet to try to find information about Grace’s past. Meanwhile, a woman who looks just like Grace has a nightmare about running through the forest. At the same time, Grace feels like she’s running from evil. The Grace-lookalike stares at a picture of Grace and says how much she misses her.