Friday, June 21, 2002

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Tabitha is horrified as she watches the evil Tin Man prepare to kill Timmy. Timmy's traveling partner appears to have abandoned him but at the last minute saves the day. Timmy finally finds the Wizard.

Kay keeps Miguel in the dark about what really happened at the cemetery. Miguel and Kay go for a walk, and a determined Zombie Charity decides to tag along.

Rebecca is upset with Ivy for having told Sam and Luis where Theresa is. Ivy won't let Ethan be hurt. Armed with the truth, the guards prepare to arrest Sam and Luis. TC and Hank distract the guards to help Luis, Sam, and Eve get to Theresa. At the cabin, Ethan and Gwen help bring Theresa's baby binto the world. Theresa is filled with love as she gazes at her new son. Theresa's life is in danger.