Sneak Peeks Week of May 29, 2006

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Luis finally comes face to face with Fancy’s attacker. Will he be shocked to discover who it is? What will he do? We can’t spill all the beans, but it seems as if Fancy later passes out. What happens to her? Will Luis take care of her? Oh probably, but will his chivalrous actions inadvertently cause Noah pain?

As for Luis’ sister, Theresa finds a way to needle Gwen and Rebecca even while on another continent. What does she do to her long time rivals? We hear she taunts them with what she knows. What does she tell them? What will they do in response? We don’t have that info, but we do know Ethan doesn’t believe her story. Does this mean she shares her proof about Gwen revealing Ethan’s paternity with him? Maybe, but he just thinks she drunk. Will she ever be able to get through to him where Gwen is concerned?

At the same time, J.T. Cornell dodges a confrontation. Who with? How does he avoid it?

Elsewhere in Rome, Jessica apologizes for putting everyone in danger. Who does she express her regret to? More importantly, is the threat truly over?

Meanwhile, Whitney demands to know the monk’s identity. Will she find out who he is? Furthermore, what shocking thing will she do to get the answers she’s looking for?

Back in Harmony, Kay makes a confession. What does she admit? Who does she confide in? Whatever it is, it looks as if she ends up in Miguel’s arms. How does this happen? More importantly, how will Fox react to seeing it? Unlock the mystery that surrounds Harmony this week on Passions.