Sneak Peeks Week of May 22, 2006

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With almost the whole town of Harmony showing up in Rome, someone realizes there just might be more to it than coincidence. Who tries to put the pieces together? That would be Luis, but will he be able to connect the dots to anything concrete?

At the same time, Noah refuses to confide in Fancy. Why can’t he tell her his secret? Will they be able to work things out if he doesn’t?

Speaking of Fancy, it looks like Beth tries to sneak up on her. Why does she have her sights set on our favorite socialite? What does she have planned for her, and will it work? We can’t give out all the details, but apparently Beth has murder on her mind. Could Fancy be her target? Either way, Fancy better watch out for the whack job especially when she sneaks out of the hotel. Why is she tip toeing around? And why doesn’t she want Luis to know?

Meanwhile, Theresa misinterprets what Ethan has to say. What does he tell her? How does she twist it around? Whatever happens there, Theresa offers her assistance with little Ethan. Will he take her up on it?

As for Ethan’s better half, Gwen gets a startling phone call from Rome. Who calls her? What do they say that floors her? Don’t know if it’s related, but it looks as if Theresa gets caught in the middle of a seemingly innocent conversation. What’s that about? All we can say is it has huge ramifications for her.

In other parts of Harmony, Siren and Miguel begin their photo shoot. Does all go well? Technically yes, but their intense heat disturbs Kay as she tries to downplay their chemistry. Will she succeed? Probably not, but the day’s events seem to follow her home as she yet again thinks of something else while getting it on with Fox. Does she fantasize about the father of her baby while getting intimate with her fiancé? Will Fox realize it? The heat’s turning up, so grab a cold one and let the romance wash over you on Passions.