Sneak Peeks Week of May 15, 2006

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Gwen realizes Ethan is feeling tormented. What’s got him in such a state? Can’t quite say, but it seems as if Gwen tells him to follow his conscience. That’s awfully generous of her, but does she really mean it? Will it work out in her favor?

Speaking of two thirds of the longest-running love triangle ever, the final third is on her way to Rome. Will it be an uneventful flight? Apparently not, as Theresa gets a chilling email. What does it say? Who is it from?

In other parts of Harmony, Siren puts her seduction of Miguel on hold. Why the change of plans? Has something or someone put a damper on her itinerary?

Elsewhere, Jessica is finally feeling safe for the first time in a long time. But is she getting a little too comfortable? It seems so, as something lurks just outside her door to threaten our favorite hooker. But what is it? Just how severe is the threat to her?

Meanwhile, Chris gives Sheridan a gift. What does he give her? Whatever it is, it has profound meaning. What’s the significance? Will it bring him even closer to his wife? You’ll have to watch to find out, but apparently there’s news on the Marty front. What happens with the little tyke? We’re told he leads his mom to the man he heard say his name. Just who is the man in question and what will it all mean?

Speaking of Marty, Luis hears his laugh, which leads him to the object of his long search. What does he find? How does Marty send him in the right direction? However it happens, it seems Luis impresses Fancy along the way. How does he do this? Word on the street is she witnesses his deep devotion to Sheridan and is quite moved. What does she see him do? How will it affect her?

It seems Fancy is a busy girl, as she’s seen chatting up her new friend. Who’s she talking to? What do they commiserate over?

While deep in the catacombs, Whitney and Chad each take a stand. What do they hold firm on? Will either succumb to the other? We’re thinking Whitney holds strong on her beliefs, as earlier a nun warns her to be careful of who she trusts. Why does the nun plant this seed of doubt? Does it include Chad? The mystery continues to spread throughout Rome and Harmony, so be there to spot the clues and unravel the secrets this week on Passions.