Sneak Peeks Week of June 5, 2006

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Whitney sets off a high level alarm. How does she do this? What is she after that causes the disturbance?

Meanwhile, Ethan tries to calm Noah down. Why's he so upset? Will Ethan be able to soothe his enraged suspicions?

In other parts of Rome, Fancy wants to do whatever it takes to help Luis find Marty. What danger is she willing to face in order to do so? More importantly, will Luis allow her to do it? It seems not, as in an attempt to protect her, Luis imposes martial law with her. What does this mean exactly? Don't know, but it looks like his efforts don't exactly work as Fancy arrives at the gallery anyway. What danger is awaiting her there? Will Luis still be able to protect her?

Elsewhere, Spike makes an ominous promise to Beth. What does he vow to her? Will he follow through on it?

Across town, an old nun's dire predictions peek Chad's interest. What does she tell him? What will he in turn do with the information?

At the same time, Theresa goes to the Roman police in hopes of finding JT. What does she want with him? Will her search prove successful? Don't know, but it seems as if JT tries to get his bail money out of Gwen and Rebecca. Will his blackmail tactics work?*Back in Harmony, Miguel saves Siren from the bay. Why does she need his assistance? More importantly, why does Kay suspect foul play upon her rescue?

Over in Alistair's hospital room, Sheridan makes a shocking discovery. What does she find? What will it mean to her? Only one way to find out. Tune in to Passions this week.