Sneak Peeks Week of June 26, 2006

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J.T. stumbles upon an explosive secret in Alistair’s hideout. What does he find? Who will it affect? Don’t know for sure, but it looks like there’s yet another secret out there that even Alistair doesn’t know about. What else is lurking in his closet? How does J.T know about it and how will he use the information?

Speaking of J.T, Theresa comes upon Gwen conspiring with the journalist. Will she interrupt them demanding to know what they’re up to? Nope, she takes a picture of the two instead. What does she plan to do with the photo? More importantly, what is the duo up to?

Back to Alistair, Luis is stunned when he finds Beth alive and well with the devious old man. Where does he find them? What are they up to? We don’t have all the info, but we hear Luis apprehends both father and daughter. What will he do with them? And just what about little Marty? Has Luis found him as well? Or did Beth stash him somewhere?

Elsewhere in Rome, Jessica betrays Noah. How and why does she do this? Furthermore, what will happen to him?

Back in Harmony, an amnesiac Kay believes she’s engaged to Miguel. What’s happened to her? Does she even remember Fox? Furthermore, how will Miguel handle her when she comes on to him? Will he give in to her advances or fend her off?

Across town, Rebecca grants Julian his greatest wish. What is that exactly? Is she finally ready to give him the divorce he’s been wanting? Or is there something else going on? Piece it all together this week when you tune into Passions.