Sneak Peeks Week of June 19, 2006

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Whit’s lost the chalice and has only one person to blame. Who’s that? Apparently that would be her. But why does she hold herself responsible? Is she right? Either way, she later gets some advice from the nun. What does she tell Whitney? In a prophetic turn, she tells her that what she and Theresa want the most is something they can actually have. But what is their hearts’ greatest desire? What price will they pay in order to get it?

Speaking of Theresa, it looks like she is in good company when it comes to heartbreak. Who does she commiserate with? Since they’re both in Rome and can’t be with the ones they love, it makes sense that they would understand each other. But how exactly do Noah and Theresa get together and will they resign themselves to just love the one they’re with?

Meanwhile, Luis finds someone in the church basement. Who could that be? It’s none other than Alistair. How will he explain his presence? Will his secret come out?

As for Luis’s son, Marty and Beth have a run-in. Who do they encounter? Interestingly enough they come face to face with Edna and Norma. How does this happen and what will come of this reunion? What will go down between mother and daughter?

Elsewhere, Ethan has a few questions for his wife…namely, if she’s ever met JT Cornell. What will Gwen have to say for herself? Will she fess up? Don’t know, but you can bet she’s horrified to learn that the truth might come out. Does this mean she’s ready to come clean? Or does it just leave her scrambling?

Across the pond, Kay demands that Tabitha get rid of Siren. Why’s that? Well, she’s probably jealous, but will Tabby comply with her demands? Who knows, but Kay better work fast, as Siren makes a vow. What does she promise to do? That would be sleep with Miguel. Will she do what she sets out to do, or will Kay interrupt her plans? Get your fill of all the wacky and wonderful happenings this week on Passions.