Sneak Peeks Week of June 12, 2006

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Luis is hot on Beth and Marty's trail, but will he catch up with them? We can't say for sure, but we can tell you he witnesses a horrible accident while in hot pursuit. What happens? Does the accident involve his son? It just might, as Luis is later seen screaming for Marty. Is there any hope of recovering him? You'll have to tune in for that info, but know that Sheridan later calls her true love to give him a dire warning. What does she have to tell him? Will her words save him? Will he in turn tell Sheridan about Marty?

Elsewhere in Rome, Noah brings Spike back to Lena. What does he learn upon completing this task? We're not privy to that news, but we can share that it definitely unsettles him. So then, just what does he learn? Don't know if it's related, but Noah is later spotted trying to protect Jessica. Why does she need his help? Furthermore, will he succeed? It doesn't look good, as it appears he's thwarted by Maya. What does she do and why?

Across the Italian countryside, J.T makes a confession and then a frightening decision. What does he do? Who will it affect?

Meanwhile, as The Monk rejoices over his possession of the chalice, Whitney figures out how to dismantle its power. How does she stumble upon this info? Will she be able to prevent The Monk from gaining such all-consuming power? Don't look at us, we're not gonna spill, but we can tell you death intervenes while The Monk relishes the object of his desire. What happens? Has death come to claim a life?

Back in Harmony, Kay has learned Siren's true identity and tries to expose her. Will she be able to convince Fox and Miguel of who she really is? Will they actually believe her? Would you? In the meantime, Sam asks Kay to decide who she really loves. Will she be able to make that choice?

As for Fox's mother, Ivy seizes on her opportunity to come between him and Kay. What does she do? Will it work? Jump in and mix it up with all the intrigue on Passions this week.