Sneak Peeks: Week of April 17, 2006

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In an act of passion, Luis pleads with Sheridan to remember their love and extensive history. Will she take his words to heart and rethink her decision to stay with Chris? We can’t say, but it looks like Chris starts to doubt his wife’s true feelings himself. What makes him question Sheridan? We hear he finds a collection of photos that make him wonder how his wife really feels. Just what does he see in these pictures? And will he confront her? Speaking of Luis, he gets an offer of assistance from his sister. What does Theresa suggest? Will he take her up on it, or refuse her special brand of help? Don’t know, but she’s dead set on getting Luis and Sheridan back together. What does she have in mind? Will it work? Theresa’s a busy girl this week, as she tries to help another person in need. Who else does she try to save? Well, she goes to the convent to urge Whitney to leave and get some help. Will the nun follow her friend’s advice? She just might, as she goes out in public. But when she runs into Chad, will he recognize the mother of his child? Surprisingly he doesn’t, but why? All we can tell you is, The Monk is involved. But how did he accomplish this? Will his trick last? Elsewhere, Noah takes off for Rome. Why’s he jetting out across the pond? Whatever the reason, he almost runs into Fancy. Will they come face to face? Or will he avoid an encounter with his ex? It looks like Fancy narrowly misses her love, but she does run into someone else. Who does she unexpectedly bump into? Unfortunately for Fancy, she sees her old “friend” Esme. But why is this not a happy reunion? Word on the street is Esme has revenge on the brain and puts her plan into motion. Just what does she have in store for Fancy? Meanwhile, Paloma discovers a load of good fortune. What does she find? Can’t say exactly, but we’ll let you know that she finds it in Alistair’s storage. Why is she going through his things and what will she do with her newfound treasure? Across town, Fox makes a shocking announcement to Kay. What does he tell her? Don’t know but it looks like Tabitha isn’t done meddling where these two are concerned. What does she do? Well, she goes to Miguel and tells him to follow his heart. But where will that lead him? Visit Harmony for all the answers to these questions and more this week on Passions.