Passions Sneak Peeks Week of March 17, 2008

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{mosimage}Happy St. Patrick’s Day. The week begins on an up note as Theresa is helped by a stranger. Who comes to her aid? Later, as Theresa accepts the kind gesture of this mystery person, Ivy wants Gwen to help Ethan get over Theresa. Will Gwen agree? We can’t be one hundred percent certain, but we do know this. Before the week is out, Theresa will stow away on a train. Will that train take her back to Harmony?

At the same time, we all know that Tabitha has been a practicing witch in Harmony since the show debuted. But this week, her cover will be broken thanks to Pilar who suspects Tabitha is a witch! Will Tabby do anything to assuage Pilar’s suspicions, or does she silence her forever?

The week winds down as we return to Ethan who has done some soul searching and decidees he wants to adopt Little Ethan! How is that going to go over with everyone? Find out when you tune in to Passions this week.

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