Sneak Peeks Week of May 29, 2006

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It’s a tension filled week. Get your hankies ready. It looks like the time has come to say goodbye to our favorite angry, yet misunderstood, Llanviewite. Will Todd actually be put to death? It certainly seems that way as Todd says his goodbyes to those closest to him. But before the switch can be flipped, will anyone rush in to try and save him? It looks like John does just that, but unfortunately he’s too late. So then…is Todd really dead? Well, he does flatline, but does that really mean anything in the world of daytime?

Elsewhere, Kelly makes a confession to Adriana. What does she tell her cousin? Oh, just that she’s pregnant. Uh, oh! So who’s the daddy? Her ex-fiancé, or his son? Yes we know Kevin is supposedly sterile, but again this is a soap opera, so you never know.

At the same time – and at long last -- Blair starts to doubt Spencer. Why’s she so suspicious all of a sudden? Is his confident and cocky demeanor starting to fade? What will he do in an attempt to keep her on his side?

Across town, John and Natalie finally get together. What does this mean exactly? Rumor has it; the two finally hit the sheets. It’s about time! Set your VCRs and TIVOs, this is one week of One Life to Live you do not want to miss.