Sneak Peeks Week of May 22, 2006

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It appears as if Kevin is having a difficult time forgiving Kelly for her involvement with Duke. What does he do? Let’s just say he goes a little ballistic at his son’s memorial service. But what does he say to his former fiancé? How will she handle his outburst?

Meanwhile, as time runs out for Todd, Spencer is a little unnerved by what he has to say. What does Todd claim? Whatever it is, it has the previously unshakeable Dr. Truman quaking in his boots. What could the dead man walking say to rattle him? More pressing, will it buy Todd anymore time?

Over in Thailand, John and Natalie continue to search for answers. What are they looking for in particular? Does it involve Margaret? It just might, as they can’t wait to get home with both David and Peggy. So does this mean they got the goods on Spencer? We certainly hope so, but you’ll have to visit Lanview yourself to find out what turns up this week on One Life to Live.