Sneak Peeks Week of June 12, 2006

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Little brother has had quite enough and he's ready to fight back. What does David have planned for Spencer? We're told he's ready to spill his sibling's secrets. Does it have to do with his involvement in setting Todd up, or are there more skeleton's in Dr Truman's closet?

Elsewhere, Margaret races to tell Bo the truth. Will she be able to get to him and tell him what she remembers? It appears not, as tragedy unexpectedly strikes. What happens? Does this incident prevent her from dishing or will she ever be able to tell what she knows?

Meanwhile, Blair is ready to put her plan in motion. What is she prepared to do and just how dangerous will it be?

At the same time, Bo and John get an unexpected surprise. What do they discover? Who will it affect?

In news you've all been waiting months and months for, Nora finally wakes up! It's about time, but what's in store for our long lost heroine? Will she be the same person she was before her coma? Treat yourself this week and tune in to see Nora's reemergence on One Life to Live.