One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week of October 20, 2008

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As the week begins, John wants answers from Dorian. What does he want to know? Does it have something to do with Ray? Will she come clean? At the same time, things take an interesting turn for Marty when she has a memory from her past. Does it involve the rape?

In the meantime, Antonio has his doubts about Vanessa. What causes him to suspect her?

At the same time, Gigi enlists Marcie’s help in her search for Rex. Turns out that Marci is a great ally as it’s not long before she helps Gigi sneak into La Boulaie to see Rex. Will Gigi be able to break through to Rex?

While on the other side of Llanview, Tess gets more ammunition with which to blackmail Todd. What does she pull out of her hat this time? Shortly thereafter, Bo and Viki wonder what they should do about Jessica once they find her. Then, as Cain puts the screws to Tina, Viki and Charlie bond over Natalie and Jared’s disappearances. Will the two finally turn up? Find out when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.

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