One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week of 9-20-10

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John Paul Lavoisier (Rex, OLTL)Get set for courtroom angst this week when some key Llanview players testify in two separate cases. First, there's a battle to get guardianship over Dani, leading Todd, Blair and Ross take the stand in the matter. At the same time, Destiny and Dani sneak into the courtroom to find out what's happening with Tea's will. Who will be awarded custody when all's said and done? Next up, Marty steps in to defend Hannah and her actions when she takes the stand at her hearing. Will Dr. Saybrooke's testimony be enough to get Hannah off the hook?

There's just as much drama outside of the courtroom as there is in it. Langston's hell bent on making Ford pay for hurting her. When Ford ends up getting fired from his teaching job, she confesses to Starr her role in his undoing. Of course, Ford is hurt by Langston's actions. Will she have a change of heart about her feelings for him? Her BFF Starr has guy problems of her own—that being she's in a relationship with Cole, but obviously attracted to James. How will she react when an upset James kisses her?

Even the most boring of couples—in this case, that'd be Rex and Gigi—aren't immune to relationship problems this week. Lately, Gigi's been giving Kelly the evil eye because she thinks there's a growing attraction between her and Rex. She finally cuts to the chase and asks Kelly if she's interested in her man. Will she get the response she's looking for? All this, plus the other boring couple—John and Natalie—are suspicious of Ross, and Matthew finds Rex going through Clint's files. Will Matthew keep quiet or will he spill all to his uncle? Watch all that unfolds this week on One Life to Live.

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