One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week of 2-7-11

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Roger Howarth (ex Todd, OLTL)Roger Howarth "Todd" fans, you are in for a big treat this Friday when ABC Daytime treats you to an encore episode from the mid 1990's featuring Howarth as Todd.

Meanwhile in real time...

You know that eventually siblings go to battle over one thing or another. This week, Bo and Clint have it out. Who will walk away the victor?

Speaking of Clint, Cutter and Aubrey handle the problem with the footage Clint has of them. What do they do with it? Whatever they think to do to put the kibosh on the video, it turns out to be not enough. Before mid week, Clint slips Kelly the DVD that tells all about Aubrey and Cutter. Will Kelly watch and reveal what she now knows? More importantly, will Vimal interrupt the wedding and expose Clint?

At the same time, Echo de Savoy has been a thorn in both Charlie's and Viki's side ever since she returned to Llanview. In an effort to move on with their lives, Charlie and Viki agree to disagree about Echo. Will that sit well with Echo?

While in other relationship developments, Starr goes to Statesville to break up with Cole. Will she be able to go through with it? Shortly thereafter, things heat up between James and Michelle. Will they have sex?

Then, it appears that the whole indiscretion situation between Jessica, Brody, Natalie and John will come to a head. First, Jessica and Brody are rocked to the core. Meantime, will Natalie finally reveal to John that she slept with Brody? Keep your eyes peeled to One Life to Live and find out.