One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week of 10-4-10

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Michael Easton (OLTL)Todd receives a phone call from Tea, but Blair thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. Later, Todd and Ross almost come to blows when they discover Dani is missing. During his search for Dani, Ross and Eli have a showdown at the docks. Will one of them knock at death's door?

Elsewhere, Eli has gotten to Greg and John finds the doctor nearly dead. Word spreads to the Evans family and Darren is there to comfort Destiny when she breaks down about her big bro's condition. Meanwhile, Natalie, being the super sleuth she is, discovers James' bullet necklace. Speaking of James, will Ford tell Brody the secret James is keeping?

As the week comes to a close, Jessica experiences a health scare when she learns that she has high blood pressure due to stress. Will her baby be put in danger? Also, Marty wonders what secret Brody is keeping. Will she put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize he slept with Jessica's sister? Only one way to find out—tune in to One Life to Live all week to see.

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