One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week of 10-11-10

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Matt Walton (Eli, OLTL)After being apart from each other, thanks to Eli's lies and manipulations, Tea and Danielle finally reunite. Meanwhile, Eli continues to do harm to another Llanview resident, this time the resident being Greg when he injects the doctor's IV with a mysterious substance. Will Greg bite the bullet?

As Tea and Danielle rejoice, Starr and Hope are in kidnapping hell as she attempts to free herself and her daughter from the attic. Will her efforts fall short? While locked away, Starr dreams about James and Cole. Will thoughts of both guys give her the strength she needs to survive?

Elsewhere, James starts to suspect Hannah of being involved in Starr's disappearance. Good guess, James! Soon after, Ford presses her for information. Will he be able to pry anything out of his former bed buddy? During their exchange, Langston arrives and is surprised to find the two together. Is her emotion of surprise topped of with a dallop of jealousy?

Finally, Rex uses his killer P.I. skills to investigate Echo? Will he get more than he bargained for? Also, Roxy finds an ally in Echo when the two bond. Will these two crazy kids prove to be too much for Llanview? Watch all the drama unfold all week on One Life to Live.

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