One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week of 1-31-11

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Melissa Archer (Natalie, OLTL)Alright, okay. So Marty's had a rather difficult life – from the rape in college to her son, Cole's incarceration and everything in between. Still, it's quite sad to see her current rapid decline. Marty is really going off the deep end, and to think that she's a psychotherapist! What will happen when Starr visits a delusional Marty at St. Ann's? Is it possible for the two of them to have a decent conversation, maybe about Cole?

Meanwhile, lots of hub bub surrounding Viki's daughters and their respective fiancés this week. First, Jessica and Brody convince Natalie and John to join them in a double-wedding. Sounds like fun! Then, with the wedding fast approaching, will Natalie and Jessica be up for their bachelorette party? Speaking of pre wedding celebrations, John and Brody say goodbye to their bachelorhood. Will anything eventful happen at their bachelor sendoff?

At the same time, Echo discovers that Shane is being bullied. Will she step in and try to stop it? Shortly thereafter, Dorian suggests Kelly tell Joey the truth about her feelings. Does Kelly take Dorian's advice? If so, how will Joey react?

While in other developments, a devious Clint has a camera planted in Aubrey's room. What will be revealed? Meantime, Bo tells Rex all the horrible things Clint has done. Does Bo find this cathartic in any way? More importantly, what will Rex do with this newfound info? Finally, a chance meeting with Todd gives Vimal the confidence he needs to stand up to Clint. But will Clint take the encounter lying down? Keep your remote glued to One Life to Live this week and see.