One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 4-18-11

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Jerry ver Dorn (Clint, OLTL)As the week begins, all eyes are on Phyllis Rose who finally drops her bombshell! What does she reveal and who is impacted the most?

At the same time, it's brother against brother as Bo and Clint have it out about everything he has done. Will the cop in Bo win out over the family man? All we can say is that later, Dorian finds Clint in the throes of a heart attack but refuses to help unless he tells her the truth. Will he come clean?

Then, it is dissociative identity disorder to the max when Tess pushes Niki to come out of Viki. Why does Tess need a dose of Niki? Will Viki be able to regain sense of self again? Or does Niki take the reigns and use the opportunity to tell Charlie what she really thinks of him? One thing is certain. Before mid week, Tess and Niki reset their plan to hijack the judge's decision regarding Ryder's custody.

Meanwhile, Blair and Tea discuss John's suspicion of Tomas. What course of action will they take as a result? Shortly thereafter, in more romantic developments, Rex has asked Gigi to marry him. Will she accept his wedding proposal?

Things wind down with Starr who pumps Deanna for information about her relationship with James. Speaking of the handsome young man in question, James gets the impression that Ford is softening on Tess. What if he's right? Tune in to One Life to Live this week and find out.