One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 3-7-11

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Jerry ver Dorn (Clint, OLTL)As we know, Tess has been causing some havoc for some of the denizens of Llanview of late. This week, Ford tells James he has a plan for Tess. What does he have up his sleeve? Will it bring Jessica back?

At the same time, in a rare moment of vulnerability, Todd admits he's scared of losing everyone he loves. With whom does he come clean? Will they offer sage words of wisdom? Meanwhile, Todd's ex, Blair, gets some advice from Cristian. He tells her to be cautious of Tomas. Is Cristian right to be concerned? All we can share is that before long, Téa gets involved and warns Tomas to stay away from Blair. But is that enough to stop Tomas?

While on the other side of Llanview, Joey breaks into Clint's safe. What will find inside? One thing is certain. Before mid week, Joey is upfront with Clint about his suspicions regarding Eddie's murder. How will Clint deal with Joey?

Shortly thereafter, Dorian tries to prove she's over David by kissing Cutter, but does her ruse backfire? Meanwhile, Gigi arrives at Rodi's to find John drinking in the morning. Then, Gigi lets slip to Natalie that John fired her. Will Natalie and John come to a new understanding this week, or is it too late? Keep your remote glued to One Life to Live to find out.