One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 3-21-11

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Jerry ver Dorn (Clint, OLTL)They say that revenge is sweet and someone in Llanview will get a big does of that sweetness this week. To whit: Clint gets a taste of his own medicine from someone he has wronged. Who now has the upper hand? We can't spill all the beans, but we are at lilberty to share this. Before mid week, Rex vows to find that proof that Clint killed Eddie Ford. Will his efforts pay off?

Meanwhile, in some relationship action, as Tess sets her eyes on Cutter, Charlie and Echo continue their affair. But low and behold, Tess' eyes wander away from Cutter long enough for her to snap a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing. Will she show the photo to Viki?

At the same time, Kelly lets slip to Joey that Aubrey and Ford used to date. Will this news make Joey jealous, or angry, or both? Either way, was this a smart thing for Kelly to do?

On the other side of Llanview, Natalie tells John she's sick of his attitude towards her. Will John soften? Shortly thereafter, James looks for a job on MyFace. Does the social networking site help him land new employment? Finally, the most egregious thing that occurs this week in Llanview is that Jack and his posse are at it again. This time they bully Shane at the school gym. Will Shane take it in stride or stand up for himself this time? Is he in any real danger from the bullies? Watch all of One Life to Live this week and see.